2022 Business Models that you can Establish Without Money 



If you are considering opening up a small business online, now is the perfect time as e-retail revenues are projected to expand to $6.5 trillion in the year 2022.

This only shows an excellent opportunity for more eCommerce businesses as the number of people who prefer to shop virtually increases. Aside from eCommerce, there are many ways how to earn money online. However, success is dependent on your idea. If you can’t think of an idea yet, there is no need to worry. This article will help you list the best online business ideas that you can consider.

5 Business Ideas You Can Start Without Spending

Even though eCommerce has been existing for years, we can’t deny that this pandemic has made online shopping a common practice. An online business owner has the perk to work at their comfort anytime at anywhere. Unlike a brick-and-mortar business operation where you need to have big capital, there is no need to lease a storefront in an online business. This is cost-effective as the ongoing expenses are more affordable.

Starting an online business demands plenty of time and effort. To increase your chance of success, try considering an idea that fits your interests and skills. Having prior knowledge about the field you want to venture into will make it easier to manage your business. 

Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of the best online business ideas you can go for without money:

Specialization in Marketing

Many unknown actors hit big when they landed the perfect role for them. And that same goes for business development. Specialization means placing the right people in their right position based on their experiences and skills. 

Many gurus would tell you to go for all-inclusive activities like Social Media Management (SMA) and Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA); your idea will not work in 2021 and the upcoming years. A general job is too broad, and you will be having a hard time dealing with overall marketing. By focusing on one specialization, you can excellently hone your skills which you can use to conquer that specific area. 

man typing on his laptop with white desk

Instead of having five people with no specialization work on everything— from looking for prospects to providing and closing client care—it is better to call for splitting roles and giving one piece to each specialization.

Imagine yourself doing your best to fit all luggage in your car for a vacation. Still, it doesn’t fit. You will have two options: to insist the luggage fit and have all your things get messy or take time to arrange and find the best spot to fit each piece. The latter method will ensure you will hit the goal without a mess.

Specialization speeds workflow as the level of focus every individual can give increases as they use their experiences and background to increase sales and streamline processes. Specialization also gives way to better work as focusing on only one area gives more time to sharpen a specific skill. 

If you choose to go for specialized marketing as your business model, you won’t have to cover areas of marketing, taking off big loads and stress on your shoulder. 


Copywriting is essential to marketing as campaigns and ads won’t work without it. 

If you love writing, copywriting might be the perfect business model for you. Writers spend their hours writing proses for advertising, promotion, and selling goods and services. 

man writing in notebook besides his laptop

A copywriter’s job may not seem very glamorous in the industry, but it is an important role that creates a huge impact on the reputation of a brand or company. Words carry a lot of power in our world today, especially in the digital space. Everyone reads, watches, and listens, which means every business needs a copywriter, which gives you a broader opportunity. 

Marketing Content Creation

Marketing Content Creation may sound similar to copywriting, but it’s not. Content marketing centers on blog creation, email autoresponders, and podcasts, while copywriting is on direct mail, ads, and sale pages.

team in a desk with their laptop

Content writers produce content for small businesses, large corporations, organizations, and individuals— for anyone who wants to have an online presence.

Content creation is a requisite part of digital marketing and is the driving force behind outstanding strategies. Through content, people can engage with social media brands, blogs and feel connected in the stories they create.

If you value your freedom over a steady flow of work, freelance content creation might suit you well. Successful marketing content creators can generate good income for themselves depending on the value they give to their clients.

Managing Ad Campaigns

Ad campaign managers improvise the most effective way to communicate the perks of a company’s product and services to their prospects and customers. Moreover, they are required to distinguish and evaluate the novel digital technology and utilize web analytics tools to gauge and assess the traffic on the website.

Briefly speaking, if you want to be an Ad Campaign Manager, you will need high literacy in writing, enough to drive people to buy company products while developing brand recognition. 


Sales are crucial in every business and corporation. Without the Sales Department, businesses would go down in just a short period of time.

salesman talking to a prospected customer

Sales (from cold calls to closing or sales management) play a complex role in every organization. People who venture into this area must have the ability to manage their target, recruits, complaints, and execute outstanding marketing strategies that are customer champions. Being in this niche also gives you the opportunity to make more profits because of the commissions you will get after closing a sale. 

Content Creation

When you create content, you are projecting yourself as a specialist in the field. If your content is helpful, engaging, and insightful, clients will incline their trust in you based on what you share.

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The good thing about this field is that it stays. Once you posted an article or a blog post, you can add it to your portfolio. Content creation is vital in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through quality content and the right placement of keywords, you can promote excellent optimization for a website or landing page. 

These are some business models that you can venture into without investing money. However, this business requires an investment of time, effort, and, most importantly, skills. Skills will be your biggest investment when it comes to this business. It will be better to build up your skill first before your resume. A good resume comes next after notable skills. 

You could try attending seminars, webinars, or enroll in online courses to hone your skills in these fields. If you are starting from scratch, it won’t be very easy for you. But once you gain the skills to excel in these areas, you will be the master of your own game. 

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