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Comic books can be an incredible, safe, fun wellspring of entertainment. But we often miss that comics can likewise be a foundation of a highly cost-effective investment from buying and selling them. That is on the grounds that anything that is placed into a limited collection has authentic emotional and historical value. 

So, can you truly make money online by flipping comics? How can you bring in cash through it? Absolutely yes.

Invest in comics that the world doesn’t know yet, but you think have the potential to make a name for itself. Get into it before the character becomes popular and get into Disney. You will surely earn an insanely huge margin.

Comic flipping all comes down to buying low and selling high. And most importantly, it’s essential to have the eye to identify inexpensive comic books that are a good investment. You have to keep hanging on to that comics until you think it’s the best time for that comics to yield you the best price. 

Actually, it’s not that easy but doable and worth it. Here’s the list of good investment comics connected to the upcoming The Falcon and Winter Soldier Series.

Avengers No. 35

Avengers No. 35 famed because, in the storyline, Sam Wilson appears to wear Captain America’s fantastic costume for the first time. And this would obviously become a defining moment in the series.

You might find low-cost Avengers No. 35 in the market, perhaps more or less $6. However, Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) graded Avengers No. 25 could cost around $1000+. It’s a brilliant idea to buy already-graded comics instead of having them graded by yourself. Look for comics with about 9.0-9.8 grades, less hassle, and higher value.

West Coast Avengers No. 94

West Coast Avengers No. 94 is a noteworthy version because this is the time when Rhodey seizes the name war machine. Previously, War Machine was a mere name of armor. And because of that reason, Don Cheadle verified that the war machine would appear to manifest itself in Armor Wars and The Falcon and Winter Soldier Series.

west coast avenger no. 94

Avengers No. 11

Avengers No. 11 is remarkable for the first appearance of Maya Lopez as Ronin. Maya, formerly known as Echo, was confirmed to appear on Falcon and Winter Soldier Series last 2020.

Nomad Girl Without A World No.1

Nomad Girl Without A World No.1’s scenario is when Rikki Barnes comes across the Nomad Girl costume in the last panel of the first issue and found out where it is on the second.

In December 2020, Barnes or Bucky The Winter Soldier was speculated to be in The Falcon and Winter Soldier Series with the nomad girl as his granddaughter. This is just speculation, but reading through the direction of the story, there is really a chance that it would happen. So, you could place your bet on it if you think so too. 

Captain America No.1

The first appearance of Rikki Barnes took place on Captain America No. 1. A 9.8 CGC graded comic of this issue costs around $1500+. 

Captain America Sam Wilson 3

This comic issue has significant potential as this is where Joaquin Torres, who is the new Falcon, first appeared. There was also news about the last month of 2020 that the actor Danny Ramirez will be speculating the moniker of Falcon as Taurus. 

Captain America No.117

This comic issue also holds great potential as this is where the first appearance and origin of Captain America and Bucky, who became the winter soldier, took place. Price starts at a thousand dollars and could go up to ten times.

Captain America No. 323

Captain America No. 323 issue is where the first appearance of the patriotic citizen who became a U.S. Agent, John Walker took place. And last August 2020, John Walker was confirmed to appear on The Falcon and Winter Soldier, so this really holds great potential to increase in price.

Captain America No. 354

This is when John Walker first appeared as a U.S. Agent, which is entirely different from his role being a super patriot. 

man reading comic book as he sits

The comics mention above was speculatively made concerning the forthcoming The Falcon And Winter Soldier Series. However, it would help if you also made your own more profound research considering risks.

The best time to invest in comics or any particular investment is when it is undervalued. The margin of growth in terms of risk and reward is not as high as unfamous character nobody knows of. Instead of investing in well-known characters, you could try investing in characters that are still unheard of but have immense potential. Hold until Marvel or Disney turn that noteless character into a class A celebrity and ride on their hard work.

Also, in choosing comics, you should invest in those well-preserved CGC graded comics so you could get a higher return than your initial investment. Do you think people would prefer buying from you if you are offering non-graded and defective comics? Guess not. Yes, you could also have CGC to have your on-hand comics to sell at a higher price, but that would be a hassle. So, go for high-graded ones.

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