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“Life is getting up an hour earlier to live an hour more.”

Waking up early in the morning comes with a lot of benefits. Starting your day with an intentional and purposeful morning routine holds the power to transform your life. By being an early riser, you give yourself more time to enjoy and make use of the life you have.

However, getting out of your bed at the break of dawn can be difficult for some people. That is why having the power to resist snooze in your alarm helps you develop habits that will improve your day-to-day productivity, bringing you success. 

There is a relation between waking up early and making more money. You just need to open up the potential of this habit of waking up early. By doing this, you will surely be led to a life full of advantages in both personal and professional aspects.

Before pushing yourself to turn waking up early into a habit, it is important to know the benefits you can get from it. Apart from the perpetual murky beautiful sunrise, there are a lot of things morning can bring. Here are some:

Brings In More Money

After waking up, a person experiences an impaired sensory-motor and cognitive performance known as “sleep inertia.” It makes an individual feel disoriented, exhausted, and unmotivated. Moreover, it brings a decline in motor agility which lasts for around four hours. Perhaps you think taking a sip of coffee would ease your sleep inertia even when you wake up late. However, by getting up early, you give your mind and body more mindfulness to actually do your work with more mindfulness. 

After building up your routine of waking up early, you will notice an increase in your energy and motivation to work comprehensively. There is a well-known maxim that says, “The early bird catches the worm.” And we can see it as waking up in the early mornings allows you to catch and bring in more money. 

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Allows You to Work Smart

Researchers observed that people who get up early have better brain function than those who don’t. They tend to have better problem-solving skills and a higher level of critical thinking.

What comes next after having these skills? Shrewdness! Working smart can be a fruit of waking up early, which could make way for you to earn quite a lot of bucks. 

Better Grades

According to the research of a Harvard Biologist named Christopher Randler, among 367 university students, early rises are more likely to have good grades that allow them to get into better colleges. Studying in a school with a good background, they get finer job offers and salaries upon graduating. 

Avoids Mental Complications

Every people have stress and anxiety along with their thought, and it always boggles the mind at night, making people remember their past failures, downfalls, and embarrassment.

Medical professionals in the field advise sleep to avoid stressors. According to research in 2014, people who wake up early are more likely to get affected by negative thoughts compared to those who sleep and wake up late. 

If you are having worries and fears because of your financial position, sleeping, and getting up early could help you cope up with those emotions and think of an effective plan to rise above your financial difficulties. 

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Improves Mental Fitness

Rising up immediately out of your bed because you are running late to work causes stress in your brain, which is not really a good start to a beautiful morning. When you wake up earlier than you have to, you quickly eliminate the need to do your morning routine fast-paced. This allows you to have a positive note that could last all throughout your day. 

People who rise early in the morning have stated that they were happier and had more optimism in most aspects of their lives, allowing them to have a clearer mind to make decisions. Optimism creates more golden opportunities to make money. 

Boosts Productivity

Kickstarting your day during early mornings furnishes you with more time to do your work. Based on studies, individuals who get out of their bed early are more energetic, active, and productive. They tend to finish tasks more efficiently and quickly.

Early risers’ productivity lets them earn a real high income and gives them more time for themselves and family. 

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How to Wake Up Early?

Dragging yourself out of your bed is surely a tough job, but if you want to go and hit big bucks on your bank account, you can try these tips to build up an efficient routine of waking up early. 

  • Sleep early. This is the most obvious answer on how you can get up early in the morning without feeling extremely drowsy and fatigued. If you wish to start your day productively, you need enough sleep. If you are having a hard sleeping early because you are watching a series, browsing through social media platforms and online stores, you better avoid using electronic devices once evening comes.
  • Put your alarm beyond your reach. If you put your alarm on your bedside, you are more likely to get tempted to hit snooze. Accept it or not, snoozing alarms is a trap that most people fall into. However, unless you have quite a lot of time, perhaps two more hours to sleep, striking the snooze button is not ideal. Set up a time you’d like to wake up every day and get up regularly at that time to keep your internal clock in sync. 
  • Be productive. Yes, we mentioned it on the benefits above, but it can also serve as a factor for you to sleep early. Doing chores, volunteers, or work in the daytime makes you feel tired, leading you to a better night’s sleep. Doing nothing makes your body feel too rested and undistracted, giving way to unwelcome thoughts in your mind. These thoughts could distract you from having your precious sleep. 

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