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Your smartphone has many potentials. While some people use it strictly to show up on social media 24/7 and play games or any of that sort, some people use theirs to make money. Note that money can also be made from social media accounts and playing games. It all depends on whether or not you decide to monetize it.

The world as we know it is now global, so anything can be possible through the internet. And, in this case, making money through your smartphone. 

There are so many things you could do with your smartphone to bring you money. This would not also take much of your time and effort because you wouldn’t be needing to perform any physical activities. Earn money with your smartphone so you can be able to support your salary or income, and lessen the burden on it. 

It is fun to have more than one stream of income especially when it is a simple one. People around the world earn cool cash using their smartphones, and they call it mobile money. You can make money through taking surveys, making YouTube videos, playing games, watching videos, freelancing, digital marketing, and many more. 

You can also be a part of affiliate marketing with your smartphone. If you don’t own a laptop, you can handle it with your smartphone and make cool cash. Sharing your links, and promoting products isn’t a hard task when working with your smartphone. But, as time goes on, you’ll be needing to own a laptop to offer advanced affiliate marketing which will make you more money. 

The most important thing is not what you use to promote your products, but how and what you say to your audience to convince them to buy what you’re selling. 

These businesses/tips I’ll be mentioning can make you a lot of money if you focus on growing bigger with it. Take it seriously, and you will end up earning thousands of dollars each month through your smartphone. 

Businesses You Can Earn $100 Each Day

Do you have a business idea that could generate $100 a day? If not, how about starting one? You can start off by doing this list of businesses. Here are some that follows:

1. Coaching Calls

Even for the newbies in affiliate marketing, it is quite easy to sell your $100 coaching calls to your audience. Experts in this business sell their calls for a thousand dollars. So, this means people will come rushing to you for your calls. 

What you have to do is make one call each day, and earn $100 for doing so. You don’t have to be scared about how to go about this because there is always a starting point to something. This might be your chance to make a lot of internet money, and if you hold back, it obviously won’t come to you.

Instead, the question that should come to your mind is “what will my audience gain from me? How do I impact knowledge in their life?” Prospects are giving you their money to learn something for an hour and keep the knowledge with them for a lifetime. Your audience is trusting you with their money to teach them what they are not familiar with so you have to give it your best shot.

If you’re able to teach them something really valuable and re-usable, they wouldn’t mind paying you a hundred dollars for your time and knowledge.

You can also increase the value of your call by adding a reputable source guide or recording to further educate your audience. Adding affiliate links to the attached resource will even make you more money other than your call. 

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2. Learning a New Skill

You are trading your skill for money, in this case, $100. On YouTube, there are certain skills you can learn or strategies you can adopt, and once you do, you can sell them. Sell it in the sense that you present it to prospects, and they pay you money for it. For example, you can make do of a video on free strategies to drive traffic to your website.

This is a popular demand from people who own websites and blogs, and they want to know what they can do to drive people to their site. So, when you offer them, they gladly take this opportunity. So, you spend at least an hour talking to your audience about how to make their money, and you earn money for doing so. However, you will have to choose the kind of call you will focus on. 

3. Making Use of Social Media

Social media can be a great way to offer your skills to users. You simply have to show people that you can help them make money online, then you offer consulting services, and close the deals via direct message.

What you do is to make posts on your social media account on the business you’re into, and tell them that you are available for consulting services, then you round up the whole process by following up with the person privately. 

One pro tip you can use is to go straight to the point. Tell your audience what you have to offer and that you charge $100 for your time, and you drop a payment link for them to pay through. 

Another pro tip is that you can secure a PayPal debit card from which you can spend money. 

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4. Create a machine learning algorithm

Anything you have to do for someone’s business that involves machine learning is going to make you a lot of money. Most people charge from $1,000 for their services, but since you’re just starting in the business, you can start with $100. Examples of machine-learning algorithms include security testing, pen testing, etc. 

creating a machine learning algorithm

There are several ways to make money online. Why not add this to your list? These days, our smartphones are our best friends. We’re always on it most of the day, so why not be addicted to making money through your smartphone? It’s going to be easier to handle because you’re going to be doing something you love; being on your phone most of the day, while making money from it.

Selling your skill isn’t only limited to making use of other people’s free money-making strategy videos. You can also decide to learn a skill yourself, and teach it to others. It will serve as an added advantage to you, because not only does your audience benefit from the knowledge, but you also get to learn new things. 

In summary, all that you need is your smartphone, a good internet connection, and your confidence. You’re all good to go. 

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