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Affiliate marketing business relies on the promotion of a product or service, and the course determiner of this business game is choosing the service or product to promote. In a nutshell, you find a unique product online and agree with the merchant to give you a commission for every sale you will bring to their website.

If you are familiar with the sales funnel and are an experienced affiliate marketer, you have the advantage even while starting. Though if you don’t, you can still make money even as a beginner through ClickBank.

What is ClickBank?

Clickbank is one of the most trusted websites to earn money online. It works as an eCommerce platform for digital content makers, at the same time, serves as a marketplace for affiliates.

As a digital content owner, you have the privilege to add a product to Clickbank’s database, and they will be responsible for managing the sale and checkout process in the market. Joining Clickbank is not complicated as they conduct no screening process, so you can begin driving traffic and marketing links to as many as services and products you like. The best part about ClickBank is it’s absolutely free.

what clickbank homepage looks like

If you aspire to earn money with ClickBank, you are surely not alone. Clickbank holds a library of more than 4,000 unique products that reach around 200 million customers worldwide. Digital products pay high commissions for every sale. Thus, ClickBank will help you earn a clean cut for selling other affiliate programs or physical products from Amazon.

If you are thinking of a digital product or service to promote as an affiliate, you could try checking ClickBank out.

Advantage and Disadvantages of ClickBank

Although Clickbank is feasible even for beginners, it is still essential to have knowledge of its boon and bane before you jump in. 


Here are the top privileges ClickBank can bring to your table.

Variety of Products

ClickBank has thousands of products accessible in their market. This only means that there will be a lot of opportunity for you as there is an enormous number of niches available.

Quick Payment

Many affiliate networks pay every month. Waiting for 30 days before getting your hands on your hard-earned money can create cash flow problems and a big inconvenience, particularly if you are also paying for traffic.

ClickBank could spare you such trouble as they pay weekly or bi-weekly.

High Commissions

A lot of ClickBank products give an insane 70%+ commission. For instance, you sell $100 for a product. You will earn $70. That may seem unbelievably high for you, but that is made possible because it is a digital product.

This means they can give you as much as 70% because there is no production and shipping cost, or any expense related to physical products.


Even though there is a lot to love about ClickBank, things are not always rainbows and gold tickets. There are still some drawbacks and here are some:

Heavy Competition

Given that this is an international market, surely there will be a lot of competition. This means you need to devise a plan to stand out among the crowd. You need more to compete. 

Terrible Products

Although ClickBank is a legit platform with a lot of great digital products, there are also terrible ones. Finding a good deal will be up to you. 

Scammers & Spammers

Due to many marketers looking for a swift buck, ClickBank had issues with spams and scams. ClickBank itself is a legit platform, but people pull its reputation down.

Now that you know the drawbacks and benefits you will get in ClickBank, here are the most money-making products that you may buy.

Perpetual Income 365 homepage

Shawn Josiah, a former developer of Netflix, created Perpetual Income 365 to help users generate income. This program was initially designed for people who are tired from their current job. While working for Netflix, Shawn found an algorithm solely used as an online marketing tool. 

Name: Perpetual Income 365

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing System

Price: $47/Month

You will get some landing pages with the $47 account and five more pages with upsells. For 100 clicks, you could get $80 and $140 for 200 clicks. As for the sales, you can make up as much as $500+, but the average is around $316. Perpetual Income 365 in ClickBank also has an affiliate page where you can see everything you need about the site. 

You could promote this Clickbank product by doing Solo Ads and YouTube.


Sqribble is a certified ClickBank Trusted site. It is jammed with engaging templates and good covers. Through Sqribble, making eBooks was made satisfyingly smooth and easy. It comes with the most powerful eBook creation tool features.

sqribble homepage

It is highly optimized, and many marketers made huge money for themselves promoting this product. You could make as much as $300+ per sale. 

The best way you can utilize to promote Sqribble is through blogs, free traffic, and YouTube.

12 Minute Affiliate System homepage

This is a new revolutionary system that makes the process of earning online commissions simpler. Through their program, beginners get the opportunity to earn money even without necessarily putting up their own YouTube channel, website, or any other marketing platform.

12 Minute Affiliate System pays $154.44 per commission on average. Along with 12 Minute Affiliate System’s affiliate website, they also give free webinars, and you can use that webinar to lure people. It is one of the best ClickBank optimized online products now.

The best way you can utilize to promote this is Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and Google.

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic pays $134.34 per conversion and is one of the hottest products in the ClickBank market right now. One of the fastest ways to make a buck with this product is through Facebook Ads.

You could start promoting this product by directing people to a quiz page regarding issues about fats and weight. 

Vert Shock

Vert Shock has been around for years—an optimized and high converting product where you can earn an average of $38.25 per conversion. If you can make content for reviews and videos, Vert Shock might be suitable for you. This website works well using Organic Google Traffic Blog for promotion. 

Vert Shock is the top product in the sports niche.

vert shock homepage


Numerologist pay out a low amount of conversion, but it is one of the best products in this category. It is optimized and has its own affiliate page. The best way you can do to promote this product is through blogs or YouTube videos.

There are many videos posted on YouTube teaching how to promote this product. You could also go straight into their page to know the tips and tricks on efficiently promoting.

You can get an average of $13.08 per commission.

numerologist homepage

Sale Hoo

SaleHoo is an online selling directory with more than 8,000 drop shippers, wholesalers, liquidators, and manufacturers. sale hoo homepage

If you are working in an eCommerce space or have an eCommerce email list, you have a significant advantage in promoting this product. Sale Hoo is optimized, has an affiliate page, and offers a considerable amount of money per conversion, around $90+ each.

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