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Wealth is not what it always seems to be. It is relative. Maybe the first thing that comes to mind whenever you were thinking about wealth is the amount of money you possess in your bank, the grandeur of luxury vacation you can afford, extravagant cars, mansions you own, and hefty cash you have in hand. However, wealth goes beyond superficial things.

The freelancer couple Nick and Dariece Swift, who gave up their high-paying jobs to travel the world, said that they are happier earning less. Kristin Addis, a former investment banker, also stated in an interview that she feels more fulfilled and richer, earning around 40% of her preceding six-figure salary. 

Signs That You Are Richer Than You Think

Rich is just as subjectable as the word “happy,” and it differs from person to person. People yet believe that the more money and assets you have, the richer you become. Still, wealth is much more than money. The rundown below are signs that you are richer than you think you are.

You Have the Capability to Save

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dadonce stated that many people in this life fail to realize that it is about the money you keep and not how much you make that makes you rich.

Money is a stumbling block that hinders the satisfaction of our Ego in the present reality and wants to follow the standards that are continuously set by society. Ego yearns for certain things to happen with a specific image presented— believing that having everything it ever wanted will bring happiness. 

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If we think deep, money does not solve financial problems. Instead, it often exacerbates them. Reflect on the lives of celebrities who made millions at an early age and ended up broke.

The lucky lottery winners instantly gained big money yet spent all of them in a blink of an eye. Ego went ahead and tempted them to use up all money they have to achieve society’s so-called satisfaction, but it only led them back to poverty. 

An instant windfall of money like a lottery reward, inheritance, or high income could soon return as a fiscal crisis, even worse than the mess we’re in the past if you don’t save. However, if you will set apart a portion of money you earn for savings, you are rich. 

You Don’t Live Beyond Your Means

Living within your means is really good but living below your means is even better. And don’t ever live above it. 

Being financially responsible is essential to your life and living within or below your means is a sign of responsibility. Perhaps, it is easier said than done for other people. 

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Spending less or at least an equal amount of money you make is not easy, especially when credit cards and loans are offered to allow you to buy things that cost beyond your monthly earnings. Credits and loans help, but that way of life is not sustainable.

In the long run, heedless spending will leave you broke. And that is the very reason not living beyond your means is essential. It takes you away from potential financial ruin and teaches you the way towards financial freedom.

You Can Afford Things

Having the means to buy things you can afford now doesn’t always mean you are rich. Assuming that you have the money to afford a highly expensive luxury car right now, many people will agree that you are really rich. However, what if an emergency happens but you already used up all your money to buy a non-essential luxury car? What will be left of you?

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Being rich is having the money to afford expensive things yet decides to save and invest them anyway.

You are rich if you think of holding assets from the money you have now instead of using it all up for liability, generate assets. When you come to think of it, the money you would use up now to invest could bring you more money to afford more than what you could initially.

You Can Retire

Are you prepared to spend the rest of your life working? Most people often think much of living now that they forget their future. 

Retirement is precious, and thus, expensive. 

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Typically, the Americans’ retirement age is 65, yet many citizens find it impossible to survive succeeding years without a job. In a statistic report from the Bureau of Labor, approximately 20% of Americans at 65 are still working to live by. 

If you don’t want to work until your last breath, prioritize retirement savings. Setting aside money now for your retirement will guarantee that you have a sufficient amount of money that could cover all your expenses for the years to come. By having a retirement fund, you will get to live at east knowing that your finances are secured.

You Are Not Money Driven

Most wealthy people possess one common trait: the passion for building their business through providing solutions. They do not work for money alone. They work to devise solutions to accommodate the needs of people and let money run after them. 

Not being driven by money doesn’t mean you have to endure living paycheck to paycheck or not be excited to grow your investments. It only means not having money as your central source of joy. If you have the luxury to be grateful for things other than money, you are richer than you think.

You Don’t Have Debts

Admit it or not, debt is a ticket to poverty. If you make a loan to generate income, like having business start-ups, it’s okay. However, if you solely use the money you borrowed to buy your luxury, you are on your way to poverty. 

Living in this generation, where the cost of living is inflating, being debt-free is a lap of luxury.

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You Save To Invest

Saving to shop for the things you want is an applaudable idea but saving to invest is outstanding. If you save now to afford the things you want, you won’t be having money left afterward. But if you save your money to invest, you would be able to buy things you want and even more.

Saving to invest is always the best idea to reach financial freedom. If you are saving to invest and not for a mere desire for an item that doesn’t have value, then you are rich.

You Use Time Wisely

Time is irreversible, which makes it more valuable than money. 

If you work on your skills to excel on them more, you are using your time wisely. However, there is more significance to life than work. Time is an asset that yields enormous returns if used correctly— an hour well spent, warm and beautiful memories that nourishes us.

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Key Takeaways

Many swim in abundance and prosperity yet drowns in greed and sadness. And there are also people who are not financially stable yet enjoy the waves of obstacles. To which do you belong? 

It would be best if you don’t belong to either. You don’t need to meet society’s requirement of “rich.” However, you should not ignore the universal signs of wealth mentioned above as these are necessary to live a comfortable and satisfying life everyone wishes for. 

The best sign that you are richer than what you think is when you can live comfortably now with the ease of a secured future while having the luxury of time to enjoy life.  

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