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    As Facebook still reigns as the most used online platform and social media, why not make use of the resources out of it? Facebook is not just limited in connecting with your family, friends, or relatives in faraway places. It can now also be a tool and a venue in promoting your business.

    The viral trends we’ve seen or heard about, whether it has a positive or negative impact, is an excellent example of why could Facebook Marketing be a useful tool in advertising your website, company, products, or your brand itself. Everyone, everywhere in the world, is hearing about it! Around two billion active users still haven’t changed their behavior despite being engaged with different scandal one way or another.

    Now here are some tips on starting your facebook marketing journey despite its unfriendly algorithm:

    Tip 1: Find Audiences on Facebook

    Omnicore Agency provided demographic statistics for facebook users depending on their gender and ages.

    Ages Percentages
    18 to 29 88%
    30 to 49 84%
    50 to 64 72%
    72% 62%

    Statista also gave statistical research for the countries with the most active Facebook users. And the top 5 are:

    Countries Users (in millions)
    India 270m users
    United States 190m users
    Indonesia 130m users
    Brazil 120m users
    Mexico 82m users

    You can make use of these three most basic demographic and location statistics to help you target your market audience on Facebook.

    TIP 2: Create a Facebook Group

    Facebook Groups has been a popular feature nowadays. Well, at least you’ve been a part of any Facebook group. Imagine running a marketplace or having discussion forums and debates to the people with the same interests, hobbies, passion, and thereof that you can find in a single community for free!

    Back in 2018, it was reported that around 200 million people are a part of meaningful groups. Again not just any groups but a ‘meaningful’ one that is active and growing where the admins and other members have an engagement. It’s not just about you!

    Engagement is the most potential factor in doubling or to continually grow your audiences as time goes by. Because let’s admit it, no one wants to stay in a group where everyone is bored, inactive, and worst, who spams about their post.

    Tip 3: Keep More Traffic in a Group

    In order to create and keep the traffic in your group, the critical point is to ‘engage with people.’ Don’t just post links or videos, making you look like you’re desperate in gaining audiences (which we sometimes do), but don’t wait for them to start the conversation. Instead, initiate interactions such as creating polls, asking questions, and doing surveys.

    The less interaction it gives, the fewer people are going to click your website. The more the engagement, the more people would visit it. The best engagement comes from a debate, poll, discussing current events or controversial issues.

    Let the members know that you are real and that you also care about them. You can probably add a reward or voucher for the people within your facebook group community and provide links where they can claim it. It would make them feel special, and this emotional concern and attachment to people draw them into putting an effort to engage in your group, website, and post.

    Tip 4: Create a Quality-Content

    Regardless to say, it’s one of the basic and the most necessary part of any other digital marketing or in any social media platform. One must be able to create worthy content for people to see, click on the site, and provide information that they wanted to read or hear.

    Consider four things ahead: (a) it should relate to your brand whether we’re talking about the graphics or the content itself, (b) the rewards that the viewers can get out of it, (c) avoid monotonous tone but create more inspiring and relatable voice, and (d) you must call for an action!

    Once these are all settled, people may tend to look back on your website to read again the article they’ve read before or to check your site for more awesome articles! Just make sure that you’re keeping it updated.

    Tip 5: Post at the Best Time

    Create a content media calendar and make a schedule in posting. The best time to stay active on facebook depends on the location of your audience. Just like in tip 1, a group creator or social media manager should find their specific target audience to work things out.

    Observe which day would most of our audiences active? Are there more people who use facebook on weekdays or weekends? What specific time would they prefer using it – as soon as they wake up, at midday or before they go to sleep?

    Sprout Social researched and provided a statistical result of the best time to post on Facebook according to a Global Engagement. The results determined that the most recommended day to post is every Wednesday, around 11 a.m. to 1 p.m, and Sunday is the least engaged day of the week, while early mornings and late at night is the least recommended time to post.

    Tip 6: Be Consistent

    Let’s admit it! There are just those days when you wanted to procrastinate and be unproductive. However, even though Facebook groups provide a high level of engagement compared to other free facebook features such as the fan page and also the marketplace, they are the most time-consuming.

    You must have the time and effort to allocate since you have to continually monitor the discussion, engage with your audiences, and manage your members. This is why you must be consistent in taking control of your group.

    These steps are also considered as a Social Media Marketing hacks that’ll help your business. Even if you thought that it’s impossible to reach Facebook’s algorithm, remember that you can keep following and adapting its pace as long as you’re doing something about it. Leveraging the use of Facebook to its fullest can give you the most satisfying results. After all, it’s all about the quality, not the quantity.

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