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    We commonly hear the term “saturation” in Chemistry. It is defined by ThoughtCo as “a point of maximum concentration, in which no more solute may be dissolved in a solvent.” But what is its relation to Social Media?

    Basically, this means that as Social Media becomes overpopulated by other marketers and managers to promote their products and services, it becomes a tough place to promote a business that can no longer accommodate new ones, as if it’s saturated already.

    But in this article, we’re not gonna let this ‘saturation’ get in the way! We’re going to give you helpful tips to continue being successful in Social Media Marketing despite its saturation.

    Value-Added Content

    Personally, if I were to check out a social media page, I’d ask myself, so what’s interesting about this one? And if it did catch my attention, I’d like to see more of what they can offer. This is why the first thing you should do is to ‘Give your audience lots of value’, especially when started roaming around your site.

    It would highly depend on who you are as an Entrepreneur and who you cater to. For example, if you’re business is about Podcast, you may want to provide more of a clear-HD Audio that helps mostly, busy people to get motivated, inspired, and learn. Outlining show notes is another asset for your company!

    Now if you’re a Vlogger who wants to keep on promoting your site, your channel, and the products or services you offer, then upload more relatable and wise-videos to cater to your subscriber’s needs.

    Engage more with the demand of your regular audience. Upload entertaining tools such as photos, videos, music or audio, and even written articles. Be highly responsive to their questions, inquiries, and suggestions. Even if you don’t personally contact them, you can ask one of your employees to stay active and be well-mannered in talking to them as if you or they are doing ‘live-consulting calls’.

    Be Different!

    We get it! You wanted to be different, but what makes you special? Other than producing quality content that many people asked for, create more, something better than even your competitors wouldn’t think of.

    I don’t know what it is. It could be reinventing designs, colors, approaches on your social media page, providing inspiration stories or quotes, producing famous models, or anything else that seems different.

    Try to put yourself into their shoes, how would you feel if everything is basic and the same? Your page would look dull and can kill off the traffic. Take time, focus, brainstorm alone or with your employees. Think of something that can break the chain of boredom.

    No matter how many of your competitors are, if you’re creative enough and can sympathize with your audience, you beat them and raise your traffic.

    Go along with Change

    As time goes by, change comes. People have different perceptions and preferences. What’s in back in the 90’s is not in this century anymore.

    But the funny thing is, social media or specifically Facebook Marketing algorithms also changes. So if your post back then that got a lot of attention, the template or format of it, may or may not get much engagement anymore. So you have to keep up with these changes. This includes your customers, their preferences, channels, competitors, features, and other more.

    You can use different social media formats and observe what works well and what doesn’t. Make use of the latest tools provided by social media sites such as live streaming, my day or my story, and poll or ask me anything options.

    Remember that there are no permanent companies that stay on the same path forever. They also have to make alternatives and new practices to follow the ‘changes’. Small companies are more flexible than larger ones. This means you, as a beginner, have a high percentage of chances!

    Be Engaging!

    As we’ve mentioned before, engagement through comments, chats, groups, and pages are highly recommended. Why?

    Imagine your page getting all the attention but after a week or two, no one on your page is giving an update. Everyone gets curious or may feel sad. They can unlike or unfollow your page just because it doesn’t receive any feedback nor post anything at all.

    If you’re busy enough and can’t find someone who would manually do everything for you in front of your computer, you might as well get help from automation. It would take less of your time, but can improve the moods of your audience.

    People love it when others can understand what they need and can relate to what they want. Now, you don’t have to fake it, but you get something out of it.

    Build connections and engagement with other social media platforms, marketers, and users as well. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay them but you can use your shop or page to promote them as well. It’s like a “Give-and-Take” case.

    It’s never too late to start nor to make use of the tools nowadays. You can always find a way to be creative, unique, more active, and achieve success in no time even if it means that you don’t have to spend anything at all. These smart ways and tips would help you Market in an Overpopulated Social Media.

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