Father’s Day Gifts At Target: Shop The Best Gifts For Dad In 2021



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Every June, an all-too-familiar form of anxiety creeps in—and it has to do with finding the perfect Father’s Day gift. What is it about my dad that makes finding something he’ll love so damn challenging? That being said, I have a confession to make: It turns out I’ve been overthinking it this entire time, because Target has some pretty great Father’s Day gifts and I never even thought to look there. Crisis averted!

I honestly don’t know why it never occurred to me to check out Target for Father’s Day gift ideas. I mean, I’m there all the time as it is! Plus, they have literally everything in stock. Because their selection is so massive, I took the time to round up the best options from their site so you wouldn’t have to. Just remember to put my name on the Father’s Day card!

Let this be a reminder that Father’s Day is coming up on June 20, so you should probably order your dad’s gift now so you’re not stressing about it later. It’s hard enough to find the thing he wants—why also worry about whether or not it will get to you in time?

Because I don’t actually know your dad or what he likes, this list is pretty diverse. Odds are, I’ll probably buy something on here for my own dad this year! From a new pair of AirPods to a few jokey T-shirts he’ll love to show off to his friends, this list will take the guesswork out of buying the perfect gift for your favorite guy, no matter what he likes.

Dad, if you’re reading this, please look the other way! Read on to shop for the top 11 Father’s Day gift ideas from Target.

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STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of In Motion.

A New Workout Wardrobe

If he’s on a fitness kick in 2021, he needs some new gear to make him look fancy at the gym! Dads will never buy themselves something new, so take care of his activewear wardrobe with these comfy In Motion shorts.

STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of Apple.

A Much-Needed Tech Upgrade

Is your dad still using headphones with wires? If so, it’s time for that to change. AirPods are basically an essential these days, especially he takes lots of calls from home or loves listening to music.


STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of Instant Pot.

A Reason To Eat Fried Food

Attention, all children of professional (or wannabe-pro) chefs! Your dad needs an air fryer this summer—and it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as you’ll get to try all his tasty fried creations.

STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of Theragun.

A Massage He Can Redeem Anytime

If he complains about his back hurting all the time, he deserves a massage whenever he wants. Gift your dad a Theragun and watch his entire mood improve. Back pain is the worst, people!


STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of Mad Engine.

A Punny T-Shirt

If your dad is the funniest guy you know, make it official with this T-shirt. The jokes will never stop, but hey, we know you secretly love them!


STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of Wemco.

A Literal Dad Hat

If your dad is a trendy guy, you need to deck him out in the latest fashions. Now you both can officially twin in this universally cool dad hat—and you will look like the trendiest father-daughter duo around town.

STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of Apple.

A “Where’d I Put That Thing?” Reminder

Make sure he never loses his keys (or his phone, or his wallet) ever again with this Apple AirTag. If he tends to lose all three of at once, consider buying him more than one. You can never be too careful!


STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of Goodfellow & Co.

An Updated Pair of Sneakers

Is your dad the kind of guy who will literally wear his shoes until there are holes in the soles? Same. Update his sneaker game this year and he’ll thank you forever.


STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of Mad Engine.

A T-Shirt That Shows Off His Hobbies

This t-shirt is such a dad joke, I didn’t even get it at first. But now, I can’t stop thinking about how often my dad is going to wear this on his days off.

STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of RockDove.

A Pair Of Fuzzy Slippers

If working from home has gotten to him, buy your dad some comfy slippers to wear around the house. No one on his Zoom calls has to know!

STYLECASTER | Father's Day Gift Target

Courtesy of Portal from Facebook.

A High-Tech TV Gadget

If your dad isn’t already talking about the Facebook Portal TV, it’s only a matter of time before he discovers it and becomes obsessed. He can use it to video chat friends, listen to music, watch movies or check out social media.

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