6 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites for Passive Income



When it comes to affiliate marketing, the best way to make money is with affiliate marketing websites. Affiliate marketing is about promoting other people’s products for a commission. People purchase via a particular link and get 10%, 20% commission as per the product.

Few successful websites are making $50,000 per month. But which are those websites?

Disclaimer: The websites mentioned are after thorough research and are not sponsored to rank the best.


Nerdwallet is one of the biggest affiliate marketing websites online, making millions per year. It is a financial website where people can learn about credit cards, investment, insurance, student loans, etc. For example, if you go to ‘view top brokers for stock trading,’ it would take you to a complete list of applications used for trading stocks. All these applications have an affiliate link, and nerdwallet will get a commission whenever someone purchases.

Not just that, there are a lot of other options like best cash bank credit cards where banks sign up these websites as affiliates, getting a commission in return.

Website Setup

The websitesetup says what it does. It makes tutorials on making websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, etc., to make thousands of dollars per year. It lays down a step-by-step tutorial on building a website using platforms like Bluehost via an affiliate link. WebsiteSetup gets a commission when someone creates a website using its link.

how to set up a blog at websitesetup.org


This website deals with spare parts to build pcs. It recommends to users all the essential components for a specific gaming build. It is both an information and service provider website. You can buy all these parts from Amazon, Walmart, etc.

PCpartpicker works on the principle of an affiliate link. As soon as you make a purchase, the website gets a commission. That is how they make most of their money online. 

pcpartpicker offers variety of technological materials on their website

This is why I am Broke

This is why I am Broke does not make more than 50 grand a month. However, what essentially the website display is novel and exciting stuff from Amazon. For instance, it will take you to Amazon whenever you click on any product and get a commission for the purchase. 

This is why I am Broke website

Just a Girl and her Blog

She, on the website, writes stuff about her life. It is about renovations, events, some DIYs and things like that. Interesting part? Several affiliate links are spread through the articles on her website. It does not matter what your website is about; you can add affiliate links and make money. This girl is promoting Bluehost through her blog and gets commission in return. 

just a girl and her blog promotes affiliate llink for Bluehost


Another good thing about this ‘Just a girl and her blog,’ is that she has generated a pop-up message to collect emails and social media accounts. All these accounts are generating traffic, and she then directs it to the blog.

Chainsaw Larry

The Chainsaw Larry is explicitly based on chainsaw reviews. There is a list of chainsaws with reviews, and you can click on any to buy. The product will direct you to Amazon, whereby the website will get a commission.

Chainsaw Larry offers variety of chainsaw tools

There are articles too, such as best gas chainsaws in 2021. It has created affiliate content on a specific topic.

Websites working on affiliate links is one of the best ways to make money from. All these six websites employ the same method and make $50,000 per month via affiliate marketing techniques. Let’s not wait for more. Create your website and make money from affiliate marketing this 2021.

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