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    As the new decade begins, a completely new style, new brands, new competitors, and new algorithms are there online. And Instagram is no exception!

    Instagram is an effective way to promote business and be creative as you could possibly be! Last time, we talked about the 5 Ways to Make Money On Instagram. And today, we’re going to learn how you can get more Instagram followers.

    Create a Complete and Detailed Brand

    If you want people to view your account, make sure that you have your own branding, unique style, realistic but astonishing feed, and additional details and information about you, or the business your promoting.

    If your bio and captions are catchy, people would wanna start craving for more posts. Now if you post videos or pictures that are enticing and gives a good impression, people would want to stay for a longer time!

    Pepsi Cola Branding

    Remember that whatever you post and how you do it, says a lot about your Branding.

    Get Relevant Followers

    Have you seen those people who likes and comments on your photos related to the accounts you’ve visited on Instagram? It’s because when they see your username, they’d tend to go after your profile, especially if you’re in public, and they do engagements for you!

    This is why it’s important to get engagements and followers from the accounts that’s relevant to what you offer or you’re passionate about.

    If you’re putting up a restaurant business, try to visit, like, comment, and tag restaurant profiles as well. Fans, curious people, and restaurant owners would most likely do the same!

    Don’t settle for irrelevant and ghost followers that do nothing good for your business.

    Post Visual and Emotional Content Consistently

    If you try to attract people on Instagram, focus more on the visual. Post pictures or videos that are visually pleasing where people of all sorts could be attracted to.

    For your restaurant business as an example, post more local and original delicacies that make your audience wants to visit you! Don’t forget to share engaging captions and funny hashtags as well!

    And again, another secret is being ‘consistent’. Even if you have these amazing photos posted, if you’re not consistent, the hype would go down!

    Make your Post Shareable and Collaborate!

    What do I mean by this?

    You can start tagging your followers, friends, or popular Instagram accounts to your pictures and videos so they can create more buzz. You can even add hashtags that you can use in and outside Instagram so more people would most likely visit your account.

    Nowadays, many use IGTV and MyStories dedicated to the public so more people can see.

    Collaborating means asking other Instagram account to join you! Get a trusted or famous person to pose with you. You can add captions such as “Win a $50 gift certificate at our restaurant. The only thing you need to do is to comment, like, share, and tag us with your post!”.

    Seems pretty catchy huh?

    Post Funny Photos or Videos and Memes

    We’re humans after all. Once we see a funny post, we tend to see more out of it. So even if you’re a restaurant, you can post memes about foods, drinks, or people. Doing so can create more news and attract more followers.

    Funny Dog

    Just make sure you don’t post the same picture twice because let’s admit it. It’s kinda lame!

    Now it’s your time to create a friendly environment and make sure to have fun while promoting your business on Instagram!

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