15 Reasons Why You Never Have Enough Time



There are so many things that some people have planned out for themselves in such a short while. There are chunks of things to do, and places to visit, things to buy, memories to remember with just a little time.

However, Einstein has made it clear to us that time is an illusion. So, why does it then seem as though everything revolves around time? Whether we have little or more time, we’ve got to make good use of it.

We never have enough time for most of us because we put our time into things that don’t have enough value or don’t matter. You must be able to devote your time to something you’re interested with

If you find that you always have little or no time, you spread yourself too thin. Even if it means dropping some behaviors, to have enough time to yourself, other people get to plan themselves, so why can’t you?

Take some time to reflect on things that you are doing that wastes all your time. What could be the possible reason that you always run out of time?

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Your Expectations are Off

When we plan our daily activities and don’t fit into our time plan, we find out that time is always not on our side. We often calculate our time to fit into an impossible daily schedule, and we end up not achieving it.

You Waste Time Searching

Why keep things carelessly and begin searching for them? Searching for stuff takes a little out of your time, and you end up not having enough time. When you keep your things in reachable places, you wouldn’t need to search for anything, and that saves us time.

Social Media Robs You Of Time

We may not realize it, but we spend so much time on social media. Scrolling through feeds might take up hours without you even noticing it. If you replace the time spent on social media with something productive, you will find out that you have enough time.

You Aren’t In Control

People who diligently follow their schedule and daily plans don’t have any problems keeping up with time. However, while others find themselves trying to make up for time lost every day, time is constantly taken away. Once you don’t have control over your time, you do not have enough time to go about your daily activities.

woman is stressed as she is not in control

You’re Overly Optimistic

Adding some things to your daily plans might put stress on your time limit for the day. For example, deciding to stop by a coffee shop before going to work will put pressure on your time because you’d have to go through the process of queueing and getting a table.

This doesn’t mean we can’t stray a little bit from our plans, but we’ve got to be realistic about it.

You Don’t Prioritize

Take your time to plan out your day. Please write it down, and take a look at it. Are all your activities worth it? When going find yourself planning out of the blues or planning on impulse, you find out that you don’t get the work done, and time is wasted in the long run.

Once you go around trying to fit in plans that aren’t in your schedule, you leave out important things that you should have handled

You’re Disorganized

Being organized saves you a lot of stress and time. Try to do things the night before ahead of the next day to have time on your side. For example, you can decide to iron your clothes for work the night before even when you trust that you would have enough time to do so the following day. Just plan.

You Don’t Plan

As the saying goes when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Plan out your whole activities, so you don’t end up having to rush to do things. When you take your time to plan, you do it efficiently and comfortably.

Multitasking is a Myth

In as much as multitasking looks so easy, it shouldn’t be the best option you’ve got. When you multitask, your mind is not entirely focused when it should be on a particular thing at that moment. So you might think you’re achieving a lot from multitasking, but it isn’t so true.

Inner Conflict

Numerous things can either drain or energize us. If we spend most of our time performing the activities that leave us physically tired and weary, we find out that we will not be able to manage our time comfortably. Also, don’t limit yourself to living up to people’s expectations; try out yours. Blend your whole day with both the bitter and sweet things to make it worthwhile.

A visualization of the inner conflict of a person.

Imagine Time Pressure

Time and money are two factors that you should consider. Some people find time too small to spend their money, while others have no money to spend with their time (they use their time to work tirelessly, yet they have no money). Time pressure is just something we have formulated by ourselves.

You’re Lying to Yourself

You find yourself sleeping all day or partying with friends most of the day, and then you tell yourself that you’ve got no time. Instead, admit that you spent the day doing something you weren’t supposed to do, and that was the reason you didn’t have enough time to do something reasonable or something planned out in your schedule.

You’re not busy. You’re Just Tired

Take some time to yourself; take time to rest, so you don’t end up tired. When you add more plans to your schedule without taking any time to rest, you find out that you get close to having a breakdown. 

You Don’t Ask For Help

Try to go about things the right way, even if it means asking for help. When you don’t follow the supposed plan or have any assistance, you find out that you waste time needed to go about a particular activity.

If it takes you going to an expert or paying for a piece, then do it so that you could be on the right track. 

You’re Living without Pleasure

Living life with just work on your mind will make life look so disappointed. Take some time off, go to the gym, hang out and look out for any change in your life. Most of our lives are on repeat; work, eat and sleep.Some people even leave out the sleeping aspect and the eating aspect and work, work, work. Plan how you’d live your life to the fullest while you

Plan your time and life, and find out how exciting and fulfilling your life can be. But, unfortunately, more often than usual, we are guilty of some of the reasons listed above, and the only way we can try to help ourselves is by getting rid of them. And, also don’t procrastinate because once you do, you find out that your time ends up being shorter than usual. 

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