How to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube in 2021



    It is a common desire for many social media users to grow their followers or subscribers. YouTube is not left out of this trend.  

    Many people engage in fraudulent activities such as paying to gain more subscribers.  But would you be willing to do such things just to gain subscribers? The good thing is, YouTube has a way of monitoring a channel’s metrics to ensure that no manipulation is carried out. 

    If you really want your channel to provide quality that would move people to subscribe, you should focus on creating quality content. What I mean by this is to create something that enables your audience to relate and interact more with you.

    Many who focus on the growth matrix without paying attention to excellent content delivery end up getting frustrated. The quality of content being delivered is what ensures that your audience stays glued to your channel. Let’s dive more into getting 1000 subscribers on your youtube channel.

    Building Your First 100 Subscribers

    One of the hardest milestones to achieve on the YouTube platform is getting your first 100 subscribers, which is also the first phase of your journey to building a 1000 subscribers list.

    During this period, strategic content is released to take hold of the attention of random YouTube users. When your audience is assured of getting value from your videos they are more likely to subscribe.

    The process of growth from this stage would require less effort since most of what is done is building on past reputation. When you have an online audience, it is easy to reach out to others through your proven track record.

    When your users come across your channel they will trust the information you deliver seeing that you already have a record of hundred subscribers.

    Monitor Your Incremental Metrics

    The process of growth can sometimes be gradual and slow. Don’t assume that your subscribers will automatically Skyrocket over 1000. However, this shouldn’t deter your focus and determination as Youtube content creators.

    You need to breakdown your desired target into smaller milestones that can help you monitor your progress effectively. We call these as ‘incremental metrics‘. Every goal can be broken down into mini-goals so individuals can understand the factors that aid rapid growth.

    As a YouTube video content creator, your incremental progress will lie in the small fraction of subscribers that you might or may not achieve weekly or monthly. Consistency is the key to start your channel growth target from 100 and grow further to 1000 and hopefully, more than.

    Describe Your Value proposition

    Your value proposition is a brief, attractive, and intriguing way of explaining what your YouTube channel is all about.

    When new YouTube users come across your channel, they should be able to understand what you want to bring in order to learn how they can benefit in subscribing to you.

    A lot of persons may not have the luxury of time to critically examine a channel and to understand the type of content being uploaded. You must be able to capture the attention of a new viewer within the first 5 seconds.

    Your value proposition helps to paint a perception of the channel to new YouTube users.

    Research Your Channel

    research youtube channel

    At this stage, it is believed that your channel should have a good number of videos with engagements, which constitute your social proof.

    Social proof is the guarantee that your channel is fully operative within the Youtube community. When you research a channel, you are looking out for videos that performed better than others. 

    Understand why some videos performed better just by looking at the matrix of engagements, likes, shares, and comments. This will expose the type of videos you should upload on your channel.

    In your research, look out for the thumbnails that attracted more views. The results of your research may help you know how to design your content.

    SEO Optimization

    YouTube is recognized among the top search engines globally. This means to be able to effectively leverage the platform, users must have ideas on what SEO optimization entails. One of the most crucial elements of SEO optimization is keyword research.

    Observe what do viewers constantly search for within the platform. A good understanding of the keywords will help you tailor a title along with video description suggestions. The keywords discovered should incorporate into various sections of the video. 

    Allow the results of your research to tailor the language used during the video. There’s a huge possibility that your video could rank among the top search results when you incorporate keywords in the video description and title.

    Identify Your Pain Points

    Pain points represent general challenges that prevent YouTube users from growing their audience.

    Some of these pain points include troubles finding the right thumbnails, lack of proper research, faulty camera angles, and pictures. These pain points should be addressed before making progress with the number of subscribers.

    Growing the lists of your followers or in this case, subscribers can give you a special kind of satisfaction. Yet, it is important to remember that in order to grow over 1000 subscribers in your Youtube channel, you must remain consistent and diligent in the process.

    Pay less attention to the results and more attention to the process that birth the results.

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