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You’re finally thinking of working a remote job. It sure seems like a good option this year, by the way. It’s going to give you a more flexible schedule, unlike your 9 to 5 job. You don’t have to transport yourself to your workplace (if limited movements are still allowed in your county) every day when you can sit in the comfort of your home and work.

There is also time to give yourself more side jobs this season. Most people complained about a boring routine most of last year and early this year because of the pandemic, so why not make good use of it? 

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There are so many benefits that individuals can find in remote jobs. The list is a long one anyway. Although, it’s different when you’re already working a full-time job while handling these side jobs. There are risks involved, such as higher costs, lack of time management, more risks, and of course, you’re bound to be on the lows most of the time.

Getting a remote job might also prepare you for self-employment while knowing how to manage your time and stay motivated. Well, to begin looking for a remote job, you’ve got to look for the best among the rest. So, here is a list of the highest-paying remote jobs this year, 2021

1. UX/UI design ($90,000 – $120,000 a year)

A UX/UI designer is part of the software developer’s team. UX stands for User Experience, and UI stands for User Interface. The two serve different functions, yet they’re mostly confused as the sane and regarded as one. Their primary role is to make an app look easier to use for the users.

Qualifications might be an added advantage, but you can also keep your past works safe to prove your experience. 

2. Project management ($75,000 – $110,000 a year)

A project manager involves you managing a team, be it web development or software app. They coordinate all the work needed to reach a final target. You’ll be needing to have specific skills such as being organized and having background information on the organization you’ll be working with. 

3. Web app or software development ($70,000 – $130,000 a year)

It’s not news that most of the highest-paying remote jobs are in the technology niche. Software development covers a wide variety of jobs with different but similar tasks. For example, a software developer can be called a coder, computer programmer, or programmer.

However, if you’ve got qualifications, it would be easier to secure a job faster. Also, you’ll be needing to work in a team, so you’ll have to have good team management skills. 

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4. Sales consulting ($60,000 – $80,000)

Being a sales consultant involves you being able to come up with methods and techniques to drive up sales in a company. To be a sales consultant, you’ll be needing to have coaching skills and show how good you can handle sales. 

5. Accounting ($65,000 – $80,000 a year)

Accounting is in demand even before. If you notice closely, the tasks accountants carry out can be done remotely. But, to qualify for this, you’ll be needing to have a formal qualification and have a degree in accounting. 

6. Actuary ($90,000 – $100,000 a year)

An actuary seems like an outdated job that you can work remotely. But just like lawyers and accountants, you need a formal qualification before working remotely as an actuary. 

7. Product design ($50,000 – $140,000 a year)

A product designer does tasks from designing to programming. They are similar to other tech jobs. They develop apps and software and could bring in real money from the comfort of your home.

Creativity is a necessary skill if you want to be a product designer because you’ll need to constantly develop ideas. 

8. Senior business analysis ($60,000 – $100,000 a year)

Business analysts work hand in hand with organizations and find out how they relate to their customers while ensuring everything is balanced.

Since most tech jobs now work remotely, so can business analysts, although the job would need you to have a business kind of qualification for this job. 

9. Law ($110,000 – $130,000 a year)

Lawyers have so many types and different specializations. And, while some of them cannot be worked remotely, some can be, but you’ll be needing a formal qualification just like an accountant.

If you have to appear in court for any case, then a remote job might not be for you, although this pandemic has made the impossible possible when it comes to working remotely  

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10. IT security consulting ($100,000 – $130,000 a year)

As the internet gets more expansive every day, there is a growing need to be highly secured, especially for businesses that value their data and information.

Organizations employ IT security consultants to secure their network security and alert them in case of any risk. In addition, since it involves the internet, you can work from home. 

11. Technical support engineering ($75,000 – $100,000 a year)

This job is available mainly in big companies, although small companies also need the assistance of a tech support engineer.

The small companies mostly find their way around it and maybe hand it over to someone in another niche to handle because the role of a tech support technician is not overbearing. 

12. Recruitment ($50,000 – $80,000)

Their leading role is to source a suitable candidate for a job. To work as a recruiter in an organization, you’ll have to have experience in the human resources area. With the help of teleconferencing, you can work remotely. 

13. Data science/Data analysis ($110,000 – $130,000 a year)

A data scientist helps organizations solve infuriating problems by sharing their insights from the data they have estimated. This particular job needs enough statistics, math, and computer skills, and you’ll have to start as a data analyst first before attaining a data scientist role. 

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14. Senior copywriting ($50,000 – $80,000)

A copyrighter does not need specific qualifications, although you might need to have experience, i.e., journalism and sales. If you know you are good with sales and coming up with compelling content, you could try out this job. 

15. Digital marketing ($60,000 – $80,000)

They help handle every business’s online activity ranging from the website and running advertisements. You don’t need a formal qualification to be a digital marketer. Still, you’ll have to have specific skills such as knowing how to drive engagement in a particular direction, how to garner likes, etc. 

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